3 essential spa products that you should own

When looking for the best spa in London, one of the considerations should be the type of products used in their beauty services. Some spa centres prefer to use their own products in the treatments whilst some may use the products that can be purchased some whereelse. Although you do not need to become an expert of all the products used in the spa therapies, it does help when you have a little understanding of a few common spa products, which may help you enjoy your spa treatments at ThaiSquare Spa more. Perhaps, you may be interested in taking some of them home for self-use or as a gift.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are surely the most valued spa products that are either used with an oil burner at home or infused into different spa treatments such as body massage, foot massage oreven hair treatments. The latter is also generally known as aromatherapy. These essential oils are extracted from plants and fruits, such as lemon, lavender,lemongrass and so forth. The properties of the oils have a direct calming effect on your brain, which helps you fully relax and reinvigorate your mind.

At Thai Square Spa, we use dessential oils from our own brand ‘iMantara’. Our Andaman Aromasoul Essential Oil isa perfect blend of Arabian and Thai herbs, infusing your home with an exoticaroma. Or perhaps you are looking for a subtle and refreshing essential oil,then our Jasmine & Rachawadee Essential Oil will definitely suit your needs.

Body Lotion

Body Lotion is another common spa product that is designed to keep your skin staying hydrated and looking more youthful, which will ultimately enhance your overall mood. Different body lotions have their own formulas in moisturising. Thai Square Spa always uses our own iMantara body lotion in all the body therapies. What makes our body moisturiser distinctive from others, is the essential oils that are blended from flower and fruit extracts, like Jasmine, Lavender and Grapefruit oils etc.For instance, our So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Uplifting Body Lotion will be an ideal option for you, which provides refreshing and uplifting senses.

Hair Products

Hair products are another common spa product used in the hair treatments in the best spa in London. Infused with essential oils to add invigorating senses, our iMantara hair products do more than cleansing your hair, but also deeply nourish and strengthen your hair.

Our iMantara Jasmine High Shine Healing Conditioner is formulated with different nourishing properties, for instance, Rich Bran oil, Argan oil, and Shea butter, etc. providing extra care for your hair.

Using our own-brand luxury spa products, Thai Square Spa is reputed for delivering the best massage in London. If you are interested in these top quality spa products, why not take some of them home with you. That way, you can extend your unique spa experience and transform your home into a private getaway in-between visits to Thai SquareSpa.

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