10 Essential Steps of a luxurious facial in London

One of the most popular spa treatments to get is a facial. The process involves cleansing and exfoliation of the facial skin that leaves your face looking fresh and glowing instantly,which is why it is so popular. You can get rid of your tired-looking face before an important event or a special occasion by hitting the spa and gettingthe best facial in London. Many spas also do a complimentary head and shoulder massage with the treatment which makes it a complete treat.

If you are visiting London or even if you reside here, you get a chance to enjoy some of the best facial treatments in London. But before you do, let’s discuss the 10 essential steps of a spa facial treatment to let you know what this treatment is all about.

Although, different spas may have different methods. There are some common steps involved that I will be discussing with you in this blog post.


After tying up your hair, your aesthetician at the spa will remove any makeup that you are wearing. She will then remove the cleanser from your face using wet sponges or cotton pads.


In this process, your aesthetician will assess your skin. Check your pores, pinch your skin for elasticity, and ask you about your skin care routine and expectation from the facial before recommending facial products that suited to your skin type.


This step involves using agel-based, cream based or mask exfoliator on your face. She will slowly massage the product on your face and neck to get rid of dry patches and dead skin. Later she will remove it with wet wipes, sponge or cotton pads.


This step involves applying steam to your face in the form of direct steam or a hot towel. This allows your skin to loosen any clogged pores and impurities out. Getting a facial London,especially in the winters and application of steam helps keep your face look lively and plump.


In this step, your aesthetician will extract blackheads from your skin. Most problematic areas are the nose andunder lips.


The massage increases the lubricity of your skin, your sinuses feel clearer and you feel calm and relaxed. Your aesthetician may use a lotion or essential oil for the massage.


Your aesthetician will apply a mask on your face according to your skin’s needs. For example, a clay-based mask for oily skin or a citrus mask to lighten skin with marks.

8.Some More Massage

During the time that your maskis left to dry. Your aesthetician or like some of the best spa in London do, another masseuse may massage your hands and feet to give you a complete spa experience.


After the mask is removed and the massage is done, your aesthetician will apply a serum on your face that is specific to your skin needs.

10.Final Touches

Before letting you go home, your aesthetician may apply cream or gel to your face as final touches and keep yourfacial skin hydrated.

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